RFID  (radio frequency identification)

is becoming an increasingly common feature for credit cards. However, the technology comes with risks, as it opens up the possibility for wireless identity theft. A portable, concealed scanner at a distance of up to 3-6 m is all that is needed to steal information from the RFID enabled credit cards in your wallet. A process known as “skimming”. Without any RFID security measures you expose your sensible data probably without even knowing it. The more common RFID credit cards get, the more often criminals are going to try to steal sensible data from us. Especially in public places where many people are in close distance.


Our innovative wallet, allows you to safely store 1-15 credit cards & banknotes, while at the same time preventing that your sensitive credit card information is being subjected to “electronic pickpocketing”. With our effective RFID blocking identity theft protection shields, the Q7 WALLET makes sure that your card  information remains private at all times.


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